The INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS VIENNA is a unique, future-oriented educational campus in Vienna which combines facilities for all age groups on one site. It will offer children and young people between the ages of 1 and 14 an ideal environment for successful learning.

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Van der Nüllgasse 29 (current location)
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Bilingual Campus

We are building for a brighter future.

At the ICV, you will find everything a young person needs nowadays for a good, forward-looking educational career. The campus is characterized by a consistent, interlocking, merging educational concept that promotes individual strengths and addresses weaknesses. Therefore a continuous and individual education – according to your child’s talents – is guaranteed. We are committed to strengthen the new generation for life. Our way of working is based on Christian values, team spirit and brotherly love, enabling all our children and teens to reach their best possible potential. You can be assured that throughout the entire education period, your child is taken care of by a highly motivated and qualified pedagogical staff, supplemented by a balanced educational partnership, healthy diet and much exercise.

With a lot of passion and experience, our team pursues one common goal: To offer your child an excellent education, preparing it for life – with all its ups and downs.

Two have become one: at present the ICV comprises the International Arche Noah Kindergarten and the private school Mayflower Christian Academy. Those two educational institutions can look back on 20 years of experience by now, merging under the joint platform INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS VIENNA as of autumn 2018.

Diversity that makes our campus unique.

  • total area of 18.000 m2 with diverse possibilities – indoor and outdoor
  • 5 kindergartengroups & school (grades 0-8)
  • in the city and yet in nature
  • soft transitions at the interfaces – from Kindergarten to “Matura”
  • all-day school & extended childcare (until 6 pm)
  • differentiation and individualization – inclusion and independent learning
  • digital media & media literacy
  • language training & international alignment
  • strengthening an european and global perception of democracy
  • openness and respect towards all cultures
  • bilingual and multicultural learning environment
  • private but still affordable tuition fees
  • strengthening the business location of Vienna
  • merging generations through on-site collaboration
  • campus construction with regard to ecological sustainability
  • secondary school level starting 2023

Lifelong learning starts here:
Fontanastraße 8, 1100 Vienna
8 minutes walking distance from U1 station Oberlaa
The perfect place for a better future!

Map International Campus

Support Committee

All these people support our ambitious and visionary project, promoting the campus construction. Every single statement gives us strength and courage to carry on in those challenging times. Thanks to all who have been and are part of this exciting journey, those who never stopped believing in this project. Let us shape future together!

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